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Covering both the hard and soft skills necessary for success

Alan’s presentations and workshops cover both the hard and soft skills necessary for success in client acquisition, servicing and retention. Client bank management and organic growth, work organization, time management, staying positive, and focusing on what is important in various client situations, are all examples of Alan’s areas of expertise. Presentation skills and the use of agendas, for example, can help advisers feel confident in their preparedness in their everyday interactions with both clients and prospective clients. The following sessions are examples of training given in the last 24 months:

Networking for client acquisition

Against the backdrop of other methods for finding clients, this module looks at the formal and informal networking groups which currently exist, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as details on how each can be used to grow a client base organically.

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Working a room for contacts and prospects

Often, our first impression is made in informal gatherings which take place before a meeting, whether we like it or not. This module looks at the best approaches, and what to avoid, when it comes to looking for opportunities in a room.

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Developing an ‘elevator pitch’

Good quality clients often come from chance encounters. Active networkers will have a brief, persuasive speech that summarises an idea, product, or service, in a way which grabs the listener’s attention and leaves a lasting impression, making them want to learn more or take action. This session shows how such a pitch can be created, with plenty of audience participation.

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The use of agendas for various types of client meeting

Whether a meeting is an initial meeting, a sales presentation or a general review, it is important to have a track to run on. Agendas focus both the adviser and the client or prospect, on the key items which need to be addressed to make best use of time. Alan discusses some examples of agendas in each of these situations. Worked examples invite the audience to think about these structures and contribute with their own experience.

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Positivity in everyday work practices

Having a structured and planned day can enhance positivity at work. By setting achievable goals, prioritising tasks, and avoiding distractions, you can increase productivity in the workplace, reduce stress, and improve time management, which leads to greater job satisfaction. In this session Alan uses examples, stories and personal experience to help change behaviours in the workplace.

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Seminars as a route to client acquisition

Alan has many hours of experience giving seminars to clients and prospects. In this session he discusses seminars as a key route to the acquisition of new clients, as well as a key component of any existing client service-level agreement. Having clear objectives, relevant content, an engaging format and smooth logistics are just some of the topics explored in this session.

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Seminar speaking skills

Speaking in a public setting is not for everyone. However, when the speaker is motivated by sound objectives, a strong message and good quality, well prepared material, personal fears in this skills area can be overcome. In this session Alan covers several key points, which can help turn a much-feared area of expertise into a new and exciting route to client acquisition.

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Bespoke services

Alan has expertise and experience in providing tailored talks to companies employing client-facing advisers, whilst also addressing the adviser’s particular concerns and needs. With this bespoke approach, Alan will help identify specific training requirements and develop sessions, or suites of sessions, addressing those issues.

By working closely with a company to understand their unique challenges, Alan will help enhance the skills of a company’s representatives in a focussed way.

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