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For companies looking to ensure the success of their events
Alan Jackson is a seasoned host and anchor with extensive experience hosting corporate conferences, facilitating training events, and chairing business gatherings. Alan has exceptional communication skills, pays particular attention to detail, and can easily connect with a range of diverse audiences.

Alan is known for his charismatic approach and skill for keeping the audience engaged throughout the event. Whatever the size of your gathering, conference or briefing, Alan will bring his unique blend of expertise and personality to every event, leaving attendees feeling informed, inspired and entertained.

Major employee events require control of pace, tone and clarity. Alan will keep to the event timetable, and make sure attendees are fully engaged. In this way, Alan ensures that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

His ability to speak clearly and succinctly, coupled with his natural charm and affability, make him a pleasure to watch and listen to, putting attendees and speakers at ease.

JPS is an excellent choice for companies looking for a host who can pull together an event with professionalism, personality and panache. With Alan as the host, your events and conferences will be a success.

‘Alan was happy to return to a particular topic and receive any questions, often sharing a fresh story to help clarify the message for the audience’

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