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Alan Jackson’s talks are based on 30 years’ experience running a financial services business, growing a corporate and residential client base through extensive presentations and networking, and training others in networking skills. Using this experience, Alan has developed a portfolio of talks and classes which will be of specific interest to companies that employ sales and client management professionals.

Alan has presentations and workshops designed for companies looking to enhance the existing skills of their front-end advisers, providing practical and actionable insights which can be immediately applied to their day-to-day work.

His engaging and informative style is tailored to meet the needs of each audience, ensuring that everyone walks away with a solid understanding of the subject matter.

Additionally, Alan has exceptional skills in networking and growing a client base organically, which he can share with any audience looking to expand their reach and turn prospects into clients, and clients into advocates.

Recognising that each company has unique challenges and requirements, Alan develops bespoke sessions tailored specifically to the needs of companies he works with. His extensive experience and knowledge of the industry means he understands that customised presentations and workshops are often necessary and effective in providing solutions to firms facing specific challenges with its client-facing employees.

With Alan as their guide, companies can be confident their employees will receive the best possible training to help them excel in their interactions with clients.

‘His skill was to weave the training and his own experiences into each section in such a way that the message was totally clear’

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Session Portfolio

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